About Us

Actually, it's about you.

Yes, our team of friendly, experienced, highly skilled technicians and security professionals are available day and night to serve all of your company's technology needs. 

The truth is the IT business is about people... you and your people. We are a valuable resource to help you and your team to be as productive as possible achieve your business goals and meet your compliancy needs. And we are really good at it. We have been doing this for a long time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide solutions that help our clients feel secure while keeping their employees productive, safe and happy which allows the business owner to feel less stress knowing their business is in good hands.   

What we do

 Business Software Solutions provides outstanding computer network and consulting services to small businesses in the Silicon Valley. We serve businesses with 5-50 computers preventing network or email downtime and data loss due to virus, equipment failure, employee error or disaster. We provide the best solutions in the industry for security, backup and disaster recovery, spam and malware control, HIPAA and PCI compliance and more.