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Why Businesses Choose Us

  • Your business is unique. Your security needs, specialized software and government regulations requires a team who knows how to manage the complexities of your business, With over 30 years experience we are up to the task.   

Just Ask Our Clients

  • No one knows just how responsive we are to our clients' needs better than our clients. We have always prided ourselves on our ability to keep our clients computers, networks and people working.  We encourage you to request references and contact them. 

Let's See How We Can Help You

  • Let's sit down for a few minutes and determine how we can help your business with solutions that actually work. These "Discovery Meetings" help both of us determine the specific needs for your company. There is absolutely no cost or obligation. Just click here and we will setup a 15 minute discussion than can help your business for years to come. 

We Have the Experience

  • We have the experience, people and tools to partner with some of the best small businesses in California. They instill their trust in us to keep them up and running, to protect their data and their networks and meet HIPAA, PCI and SEC compliancy. We keep their employees working at full capacity whether at their office desk, working from home or on their tablet or smartphone. And they know wherever they are working, if they need our help we are available. This is our primary reason for being. It is what we do. It is who we are.