Our History

As our name implies, Business Software Solutions began life in 1982 as a software company. This was the year Compaq Computer was born and PC magazine started, A year earlier, IBM released the first IBM PC. Our program was designed to allow service businesses to automate the processes that ran their companies. At the time there weren't too many software developers working niche markets with packaged programs and we did well.  When Windows 1.0 made it's debut in 1985, we began spending much of our time configuring computers for our customers. In 1990 Windows 3.0 was released and shortly thereafter Windows 3.1. With the networking capability of Windows 3.1 we were traveling around the country setting up small networks for our software users' growing businesses. At the time, Novell ruled the networking world and was far beyond the financial reach of small business. We provided for small businesses the ability to work like a big business.  In 2000, we closed the software development aspect of the company and focused on building and servicing computers and networks for small businesses.   Today, we have the experience, people and tools to partner with some of the best small businesses in California. They instill their trust in us to keep them up and running, to protect their data and their networks. We keep their employees working at full capacity whether at their office desk, working from home or on their tablet or smartphone. And they know wherever they are working, if they need our help we are available. This is our primary reason for being. It is what we do. It is who we are.   

Join us... make history.